NMO: LeSouk Algeria

On the 21st of april, SCORPions had the chance to spend an amazing day with 50 adorable boys and girls coming a long way from a small village called ‘tkout’, a place plunged into mourning and sorrow because of a terrible disease that has reached its male inhabitants, causing their death, scoliosis.
For a day it wasn’t about the orphans but childten with sparkly eyes and dreamy minds who came to have fun and experience withing several workshops different jobs and professions so they can find the one they see themselves in, in the future .
It was a reminder for them, that if mektub deprived them of a normal family life with a father, they , for sure, shouldn’t be a victim of a vicious circle imposing on them , stonemasonry, scoliosis or even worse death.
THE DREAM FACTORY brought hope, love and joy and will be there in the back of their minds as a source of motivation.


  • For orphans to believe in their dreams.
  • For them to think out of the box and know that they are not a victim if a vicious circle ( work as a stone masoner – silicosis- die) .
  • To spend great time, have fun like all the other kids.
  • For this experience to be kept in the back of their minds as a source of motivation in the futur.”


Mohamed El Amine YOUCEF ALI Norp.Algeria@gmail.com


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