This is a social project called “Dawn”. This term refers directly to “The light before the sunset”. So, this is what we want to do. We want to create light in the middle of the night in Venezuela’s context and make people feel hope again even when the outlook looks grey. Medical students could be agents of change for a group of vulnerable people, and make them have a voice and feel hear. We need to create empathy on the students even when they are on their first years of academy, because this will be the way that we are going to be doctors of sick people, not sickness itself. We need to know the patient, their needs, their hopes, their fears and started to see medicine by a humanitarian eye and this work start in our communities.

Right know we are working on this activity, on their first stage from January to April. We already benefit 120 kids, between pediatric patients and kids from the orphanage. We gave them a day of fun, we gave them breakfast, talked with them and create a positive enviroment for them and their families for a day. This activity has been done in four states of our country: Merida, Caracas, Ciudad Bolivar and Valera.

I need to let you know that after this stage, will be executing two more: communities in need and general population (From may to august) and one with elderly people from september to december.


• Create the value of empathy on medical students. Make them appreciate every stage of life and understanding their needs
• Create a positive environment to everyone involve in the activity.
• Motivate medical students to create better doctors-patients relationship.
• Expose realities of vulnerable people and how are their rights and their access to a healthy and honored life.


We did this activity between NORP (Michele Severino from FEVESOCEM) and LORPs (SOCIEM UDO BOLIVAR, SOCIEM UCV, ACUEM ULA VALERA) and we also were sponsored by Henrry Vargas Foundation

Timeframe: The Pediatric Stage (First stage) started on january and it will end on april 30.


Contact:Michele Severino Marín,

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