IFMSA Kurdistan

General Description

1st part of the project was a photographing session done by 7 members of IFMSA and with the help of a professional photographer and a makeup artist, who accepted to work with us as volunteer, we took some photos trying to show the types of violence in these photos and then we published them on social media . 2nd part of the project was a seminar about “Violence against women and its forms “. In the students center and by the presence of Dr.nooraldeen as a guest speaker and the attendance of each of Medical,sociological and psychological deanery, and also attendance of more than 150 students of psychology and sociology departments. The seminar was very active and many questions been asked and answered, evaluation been done before and after the seminar.

Area of Activity

Gender Equity


Fundraising so that we could provide what they need.

Time frame of the Activity

23rd November; 6th December 2016


Not mentioned.


60,000 IQD


Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Shko Latif – norp.kurdistan@gmail.com

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