FCT-IF Researcher (Starting Grant - FCT-IF /00693/2015)

Jan 2017 - Dec 2021
TagUBig - Taming Your Big Data

Main research question: Can individuals use their BiDa (personal Big Data) to control and improve transparency, privacy and usability, when interacting with an application?

Objective: To develop an access control decision model which automatically learns from an individual's BiDa and from social and technical context at the moment the request is made, and decides what is the most transparent, secure, private and usable way to display it to the user.


University of Luxembourg (SnT)

2012 - 2015
Postdoctoral position (Research Associate)

Project STAST - Socio-Technical Aspects of Security and Trust, funded by FNR (Fonds National de la Rechérche)

APSIA Group led by Prof. Peter Ryan

University of Porto and University of Kent

PhD in Computer Science (Joint supervision)

Thesis entitled: Modelling Access Control for Healthcare Information Systems: how to control access through policies, human processes and legislation

Supervisors: Prof. David Chadwick (Kent) and Prof. Luis Filipe Antunes (Porto)

University of London, Royal Holloway

MSc in Information Security (Distinction)

Dissertation entitled: EPR Security

Supervisor: Prof. Chris Mitchell

University of Porto, Faculty of Science

"Licenciatura" in Computer Science

End of degree project entitled: Development of statistical graphical interfaces for the Web

Location: Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto


IT Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto

2004 - Present
IT Specialist, Grade 1, Level 3

(Currently with a no paid leave)

SnT, University of Luxembourg

Nov 2012 - Feb 2015
Research Associate

Socio-Technical Aspects of Security and Trust (STAST). Fondation Nationale de la Recherche do Luxemburgo.

MEDCIDS, Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto

May 2003 - Oct 2004
Research Assistant

Study and development of hospital electronic patient records. Focus on database and security requirements.

Trusted Systems Laboratory, HPLabs, Bristol, UK

Sep 2002 - Apr 2003
Research Trainee

Secure hardware applied to medical records.

MEDCIDS, Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto

1999 - 2001
Research Trainee

Research project for the acquisition, processing and storage of biological signal.

MEDCIDS, Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto

1998 - 1999
Research Trainee

Study and development of statistical web interfaces.


Best Paper Award. EH 2020

Best Paper Award. ICISSP 2019

Best Student Paper Award. HEALTHINF 2019

Best Communication Award. 4th IPLeiria Int Health Congress 2018

Best Poster Award. ICEIS2018


Best Paper Award. HCII2015

Post-Doc Scholarship. University of Luxembourg. 2012-2015

"Menção Honrosa - Ensaio CNPD 2012" (Master Student's co-supervision)

Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge - PhD Category, 1st Place. 2010

(ISC)2 Scholarship Award. 2006-2008

Calouste Gulbenkian PhD Scholarship. 2008 (10 month duration)

Prize "Hospital do Futuro - E-Saúde - Melhor iniciativa de e-governo". 2004

Prize "Fernandes Costa - Instituto de Informática do Ministério das Finanças". 2005

Distinction - MSc in Information Security. RH - University of London, UK. 2002

Prize "Jorge Manuel de Jesus Rodrigues". Best Informatics' Student. 1992/1993


Author of 92 scientific publications (48 as a first author), 80 of which are indexed in Thomson Reuters and/or Scopus.

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